Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Lunch at Bangsar (Roost, Jalan Telawi)

The scariest thing about eating at Bangsar is finding parking! So I love all eating spaces that are within walking distance of Bangsar Village; I can park underground and perhaps do a grocery run while also getting lunch. 

We originally wanted to have a lunch date at bait after reading that their fish and chips is delicious, but that odd place only opens up from 3PM onwards. So on the fly, we decided to head up the stairs to this restaurant called Roost... 

It sounded perfect; small portion food that's healthy as my date just spent 2 hours at the gym. 

The space is so pretty and MUJI-esque! I really loved sitting right in front of the open kitchen and watching the chefs at work. I noticed there were a lot of cabbage preparation so I'll try to order the cabbage dish next time. 

Lunch at Bangsar (Roost, Jalan Telawi)

Lunch at Bangsar (Roost, Jalan Telawi)

My favourite must-order dish is the scallop and my date loved the beef tartare. He loved it so much that he went again the next day with his friends.

Lunch at Bangsar (Roost, Jalan Telawi)

Lunch at Bangsar (Roost, Jalan Telawi)

You can skip the hummus dish but the panna cotta was also quite nice. 

Lunch at Bangsar (Roost, Jalan Telawi)

Lunch at Bangsar (Roost, Jalan Telawi)

It costs about RM100 per person which is reasonable for an adult date and most of all, I love how you leave the place feeling full but not guilty because everything is fresh and good for your body. They also have interesting beer selection you won't commonly find but I heard that it's expensive (I am the kind of person who will order a flat white or latte wherever she goes).

Highly recommended for a quiet lunch or dinner to talk and catch up!

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

JP Associates at the Asia Recruitment Awards 2020 Winner Gala (My Story)

JP Associates at the Asia Recruitment Awards 2020 Winner Gala

JP Associates at the Asia Recruitment Awards 2020 Winner Gala

JP Associates at the Asia Recruitment Awards 2020 Winner Gala

When you decide to swap your professional career for a small business, winning awards is so far away in the back of your mind. 

Lately I have begun opening up on how we started the business from my perspective, and it is humbling to see the look of disbelief on everyone's face. 

On the outset, it is a husband and wife business, dedicated to helping Malaysians find jobs in IT... 

But in the beginning...

Pre-baby we were a young KL couple living in a tiny apartment in the chic part of town; the house didn't need any cleaning because we never cooked and we even sent our clothes to the laundry shop so we didn't have to worry about it. 

On weekends we had high tea, KFC and pizza and sometimes only ate one meal a day because we were too lazy, sleepy and unmotivated to go out. We were absolutely not "entrepreneur" Type A people.

Then we moved into an empty new house (with no time for renovation!), I was heavily pregnant with our first baby and somehow we thought that would be a great time to start a business - just because I had 3 months of maternity leave from my marketing job. How hard could it be to figure out how to raise a newborn baby while running a business and also figuring out how to keep a household together? 

Right... we were idiots. 

But sometimes you need to be a little crazy to make a little crazy dream work. 

And so both the company and the baby is over 4.5 years old now and we also have another 2 years old (Yes. While working from home, being a part-house wife, part-business owner, I remember clearly being adamant that I wanted to get pregnant again FAST). 

I remember the days when I hardly got any sleep and days when I got a lot of sleep. 

I remember days of "closing the business" to go on holiday trips every month and every year overseas like it was no big deal (because I didn't know if you have a new business you should not take a day off) 

I remember hard days, frustrating days, testing days. But in all the days, somehow we were all super happy and the house was filled with a lot of love. Things just somehow always just turned out fine.

I now know that it is a stupid decision to have a baby and a new business and a new house all at the same time; I do not recommend anyone to follow in our footsteps. 

We are still living in a house that has not been renovated yet, and the business still has a long way to go before it can stand on its own legs. And the babies probably have another 15 years to go before they are independent adults who contribute to society. 

Steve Jobs says you can only connect the dots when you look back, so I hope that when we are truly free from the rat race, my crazy lifestyle will become a new blueprint, a new philosophy on how we (women especially) can have it all - the babies, the husband, the home, the holiday, the nails, hair and beauty and having the ability to afford it all by ourselves. 

Until then, winning an award or two in recognition of how far we've come is amazing and humbling at the same time. That we can stand shoulder to shoulder with public listed companies and giants in the HR industry is breathtaking. 

JP Associates has won GOLD for Best New Recruitment Agency, GOLD for Recruiter of the Year and SILVER for Best Specialist Recruitment Firm. 

We have grown x10 since we opened our first official office in 2018 and I am so proud of the team who believed in us and our unorthodox methods of getting the job done. 

JP Associates at the Asia Recruitment Awards 2020 Winner Gala

JP Associates at the Asia Recruitment Awards 2020 Winner Gala

JP Associates at the Asia Recruitment Awards 2020 Winner Gala

Here's to more recognition and awards as we run as hard as we can to meet the future! 

Monday, October 5, 2020

How to renew maid visa in Malaysia

Finding good help is hard! With two babies in the house and a busy household/business to run on top of it, we were very lucky to come across Kawasama maid agency to get a suitable helper for our home - I was really counting my blessings that I have help when the MCO lockdown happened and we were stuck at home with so many tempting house chores to do, while also needing to keep the business running at the same time. 

So when the MCO was lifted and helper's visa was due for yearly renewal, I was more than happy to renew her for a second year. 

How to Renew Your Maid Visa 

I read that you can renew the visa on your own, but the process was too complicated for me to follow. So I just contacted my agent and requested for them to do the paperwork for me. 

Step 1 - How much it costs for maid visa renewal in Malaysia - RM1,405 


Insurance - RM100

Levy fees - RM631

Renewal fees - RM400 

6% SST - RM24

After payment is made to the agent, they will work on processing the FOMEMA form; choose the clinics closest to your house for convenience. 

Step 2 - FOMEMA check up

For more accurate blood results, take your helper to the clinic in the morning. Fasting is not required but she should not take any medicine that can affect the reading. If she is on her period, wait for 5 days before visiting the clinic. 

The checkup should take about 30 minutes if you go early. You don't have to pay for anything, just wait for the results in one week. 

Step 3 - Wait for the maid's agent 

Once the results is out, the agent will process the visa renewal. This stage will take about one week. 

Step 4 - Wait for MyEG 

Once the visa is approved, MyEG will inform you that they will be delivering the visa to your doorstep. Do note you must show the helper's passport and employer's IC to collect the new visa. 

In our case, myEG took over 2 weeks to deliver our pass as our timing was always off (this is a busy household!) so in the end we went to the myEG office to collect it. It's quite a nice office with very nice people, we had to wait much longer because the runner handling our visa was out of the office... 

How to renew maid visa in Malaysia

How to renew maid visa in Malaysia

How to renew maid visa in Malaysia

Overall it was quite painless, so I'm leaving this post here to refer to it when I have to do it again next year! 

Also, I received the new EP at the end of July; I started the process on the first of June - so expect it to take nearly 2 months for your helper's EP to be renewed. 

This are is left blank on purpose