Monday, October 5, 2020

How to renew maid visa in Malaysia

Finding good help is hard! With two babies in the house and a busy household/business to run on top of it, we were very lucky to come across Kawasama maid agency to get a suitable helper for our home - I was really counting my blessings that I have help when the MCO lockdown happened and we were stuck at home with so many tempting house chores to do, while also needing to keep the business running at the same time. 

So when the MCO was lifted and helper's visa was due for yearly renewal, I was more than happy to renew her for a second year. 

How to Renew Your Maid Visa 

I read that you can renew the visa on your own, but the process was too complicated for me to follow. So I just contacted my agent and requested for them to do the paperwork for me. 

Step 1 - How much it costs for maid visa renewal in Malaysia - RM1,405 


Insurance - RM100

Levy fees - RM631

Renewal fees - RM400 

6% SST - RM24

After payment is made to the agent, they will work on processing the FOMEMA form; choose the clinics closest to your house for convenience. 

Step 2 - FOMEMA check up

For more accurate blood results, take your helper to the clinic in the morning. Fasting is not required but she should not take any medicine that can affect the reading. If she is on her period, wait for 5 days before visiting the clinic. 

The checkup should take about 30 minutes if you go early. You don't have to pay for anything, just wait for the results in one week. 

Step 3 - Wait for the maid's agent 

Once the results is out, the agent will process the visa renewal. This stage will take about one week. 

Step 4 - Wait for MyEG 

Once the visa is approved, MyEG will inform you that they will be delivering the visa to your doorstep. Do note you must show the helper's passport and employer's IC to collect the new visa. 

In our case, myEG took over 2 weeks to deliver our pass as our timing was always off (this is a busy household!) so in the end we went to the myEG office to collect it. It's quite a nice office with very nice people, we had to wait much longer because the runner handling our visa was out of the office... 

How to renew maid visa in Malaysia

How to renew maid visa in Malaysia

How to renew maid visa in Malaysia

Overall it was quite painless, so I'm leaving this post here to refer to it when I have to do it again next year! 

Also, I received the new EP at the end of July; I started the process on the first of June - so expect it to take nearly 2 months for your helper's EP to be renewed. 


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